Software Developer/Engineer

Software Development – Antwerpen, Antwerpen
Department Software Development
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level

What we're looking for
You are a software all-rounder who loves to work on web and mobile technologies. All you need is some great coffee, a group of talented colleagues and a whiteboard to design the blueprint of our next software module. You are not afraid of getting your hands dirty to find that one obnoxious bug that no one else could track down. You sometimes wonder how people ever got things done without Stack Overflow, but you take pride in improving those suggestions and adapting them to the current context. If we can dream on a bit you even have experience or are dying to learn more about Machine Learning and Data Science.

What you'll be doing (more or less) 
You'll work on the software that powers apicbase.com by writing Python (Django) and Javascript code.
You will also work on the software powering our APICBASE studio hardware. This is Android/Java development.
You'll join and contribute to team meetings where we design the blueprint for the future (and sometimes the past, in case of refactorings) of APICBASE.
You'll become software lead on some parts of our ecosystem and will be responsible for the full software circle (design, implement, test, maintain and support).
All over apicbase.com there will be bits and peaces of code highlighting your unique strengths and skills.
You'll always be on the lookout for streamlining our development process.
You'll really make a difference and play a defining role in the future of APICBASE

Who are you?
We prefer open minded, bright people above experts in a single field, but the following things will get you up and running just that wee bit faster.

     Experience with Scrum and Git
     Python and/or Django experience
     Experience writing web apps using web frameworks (Laravel, Django, Angular, ...)
     Experience with continuous deployment pipelines
     HTML, CSS/SASS, Javascript/Vue, JQuery
You have a feeling for efficiency when writing database queries or more complex algorithms. When you stumble upon code in need of a small refactoring you'll not hesitate and just do what needs to be done.
You're not the 'but it works on my machine...' type of guy/girl.

Some things we worked on last quarter
We implemented a streamlined continuous deployment pipeline for pushing new features to production. We added cool integrations with other cloud software’s like Point of Sales APICBASE API. We developed a complete and customer-friendly RESTful API Automated image optimization. All images arriving on our servers are now analysed and automatically optimized for white-balance, contrast and brightness. Pretty neat stuff.

What do we offer? 
A full time and ultra-varied job at a well-funded, successful and fast-growing start-up
Working in a company-culture with ownership, self-responsibility and accountability
Being part of a young, flexible and dynamic team that builds together the future off APICBASE
The time to learn and master state-of-the-art technologies
Possibility to travel to technology and food events
Unlimited coffee and tea 
An attractive and competitive salary 
Meal vouchers 
Group- and health insurance 
Laptop and smartphone 

Our Recruitment Process
We aim to reply to all applicants within a week of receiving your application. First we'll look at whatever you send us (CV, code, github profile, personal website, ...). Most of the time we'll ask you for some more information by email but we'll try to get you a phone/skype interview as quickly as possible. Before this first interview we'll give you some things to think about so you can prepare a bit (don't be afraid, we won't ask you to implement our next big feature). We also believe it's important for you to get to know us, your future colleagues and our company culture so after the remote interview we'll invite you to our offices in Antwerp for an in-depth interview and tour. Generally we try to complete this whole process in just two weeks.

Thank You
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